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Does weaving feel a little too structured, restrictive, rigid? Like trying to draw a cheerful picture with a box of grey crayons?

When I started weaving, I was uninspired by the projects I was finding. But more than that I was tired of feeling what I wanted to make wasn’t “right.”
Feeling low-key judged. Trying to weave to a standard that I didn’t embrace.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Start weaving in a way that is enjoyable to you and inspiring to those who see your work.

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Why You Should Join Us

All Weaving is Good Weaving

There is a snobbery that is present in the weaving world that pits looms types and weaving styles against each other.

I don’t buy into that AT ALL. A loom is a tool and how you use it is your choice. Period.

That is why I believe all weaving is good weaving and the loom that does what you want it to do is the best loom for you.

I share how to weave in a variety of ways using the loom that works best for you! 

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Enjoy Learning & Growing Skills 

Weaving shouldn’t be a chore. And learning new techniques shouldn’t be tedious. Whether it is learning to creatively warp or learning how to create patterns I know you can do it. We can do it together.

There is a lot that you can learn. 

Enjoy the journey as you expand your knowledge and learn new techniques.

This community is laid back. Mistakes are creative elements or opportunities to learn or explore. It is no big deal.

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Create Projects That Inspire YOU!

There is no need to settle for patterns or designs that you wouldn’t actually use or wear. Be inspired to turn your ideas and inspiration into tangible creations for your home, to give as gifts or to wear.

Be empowered to start designing your own projects that fit your style.

You can create amazingly beautiful and creative cloth.

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A Big Thanks

Thank you for considering joining this weaving eclectic weaving community. We are looking forward to supporting you make progress along your creative weaving path.

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